Author:Rabbi Chasdai Kreshkash [Hasdai Crescas]


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Or Hashem - The Light of God - sometimes The Purpose of the World

By: Rabbi Chasdai Kreshkash [Hasdai Crescas]

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Publisher: Johannisburg East Prussia, 1861

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On offer: Or Hashem - The Light of G-d by Rabbi Chasdai Kreshkash [a renowned Jewish scholar in 15th century Spain died just 12 years prior to the Spanish expulsion. He is particularly known for his works on philosophy.] This book is a work of philosophical perspective on Jewish scholarship and Jewish life. It's also the Rebbe's effort to defend the Maimondian, a 12th century sephardic philosophical work called Moreh N'vuchim -"Guide to the Perplexed". In the 12th century philosophy was very important in real life, but by the 15th century, people didn't look at life from a philosophica... View more info